Tuesday, September 22, 2009


So I haven't really gone "public" with the blog yet, lol! I'm still sorting out my thoughts, and what I have posted is a just a rough draft of my thoughts. Think "stream of consciousness" writing.

Anyway, if you're stopping by, please leave a comment and let me know ;-)

Tonight, as I was reading my daughter's bible (we use the God's Little Princess Devotional Bible by Shelia Walsh) to her before bed, I stumbled upon this Pslam:

Psalm 119:1-2, 9-12

Happy are the people who live pure lives.
They follow the Lord's teachings.

Happy are the people who keep his rules. They ask him for help with their whole heart...

How can a young person live a pure life?
He can do it by obeying your word.

With all my heart I try to obey you, God.
Don't let me break your commands.

I have taken your words to heart
so I would not sin against you.

Lord, you should be praised.
Teach me your demands.

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  1. Hi there. Sorry I had a crazy morning & rushed out without writing on my post.....here it is finished!
    Thanks for stopping by & I'm following you back :)
    Have a blessed day!